To get started contributing to Truss, first fork the repository.

Truss setup

PLEASE NOTE: the ML ecosystem in general is still not well supported on M1 Macs, and as such, we do not recommend or support local development on M1 for Truss. Truss is well-optimized for use with GitHub Codespaces and other container-based development environments.

We use asdf to manage Python binaries and poetry to manage Python dependencies.

For development in a macOS environment, we use brew to manage system packages.

# Install asdf (or use another method
brew install asdf

# Install `asdf` managed python and poetry
asdf plugin add python
asdf plugin add poetry

# Install poetry dependencies
poetry install

# And finally precommit
poetry run pre-commit install

Then to run the entire test suite

poetry run pytest truss/tests

Docs setup

Contributions to documentation are very welcome! Simply edit the appropriate markdown files in the docs/ folder and make a pull request. For larger changes, tutorials, or any questions please contact

Baseten docs are built using Mintlify. To run the docs site locally, use Mintlify’s getting started guide.